In February 2021, the following group of pharmacy professionals virtually met up to start a conversation about sustainability in pharmacy.


Tracy Lyons

Tracy is a Medicines Optimisation pharmacist and has gathered climate conscious pharmacy professionals to form Pharmacy Declares. She believes there needs to be a greater understanding that the climate & ecological crisis is at its heart, a humanitarian issue, but that pharmacy professionals have have an incredible potential to deliver important change, not only to to health delivery but to wider environmental prosperity.


Peter Morgan

Peter is currently the Net Zero Assistant Medicines Director in NHS England and NHS Improvement. He was previously the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow 2018/19. 

Peter has interests in equality, diversity and inclusion and sustainability; he was leading on these areas for pharmacy at King's College Hospital when he was Associate Chief Pharmacist.


Alifia Chakera

Alifia is the head of programme for medical nitrous oxide mitigation within the Scottish Government's Health Infrastructure unit. 

Alifia's research on nitrous oxide mitigation has altered the way in which we supply and manage this polluting agent within healthcare. She established the nitrous oxide project which has established her lean systems approach across the UK, ROI, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. The project won the Barema and Association of Anaesthetists Environmental Award and has been highly commended in the BMJ Environmental Award 2021.


Professor Angela Alexander

Angela qualified as a pharmacist in 1974 and has worked in all sectors of the profession. In 2012, she completed an MSc in Earth Sciences to strengthen her understanding of climate change and its consequences. 

Since then, she has tried to raise awareness within the pharmacy profession and is thus excited to work with other climate conscious pharmacy professionals as part of Pharmacy Declares.

Tyne and Wear

Minna Eii

Minna Eii is an Acute Medicine Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner and bank NHS 111 Pharmacist in North East England. She is currently the Vice Chair of Sustainability at the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists. 

She sits in her Trust's sustainability team and sends out monthly e-newsletters regarding sustainability to the pharmacy department. She has been a panelist on Medact's launch of building the health movement for a Green New Deal.


Yasmina Hamdaoui

Yasmina is a Pre-operative Assessment Pharmacist at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in North Wales and is a founding member of her hospital's Green Group and the national Green Health Wales network.

Read Yasmina's blog HERE for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society & her feature in BBC News.


Paavani & Jaanvi

Jaanvi and Paavani are sisters who educate and advocate sustainable living. Their main focus is exploring the intersections of the climate crisis and sharing that information through a lens of inclusivity.

They speak at schools and organised events to raise awareness about the growing environmental concerns that face our planet, how climate justice is connected with social justice, and what we can do to help as individuals, and as part of a collective.

They're also known for their creation of the Eco Rakhi, a circular alternative for a widely celebrated festival, featured by both BBC & the WWF.


Martin Rayner

Martin is the deputy clinical director and lead clinical pharmacist for a Primary Care Network in Kent. 

He is a climate activist who has been part of multiple climate protests with Doctors for Extinction Rebellion who use their professional standing to highlight the health aspects of the dual climate and ecological crises to their patients and the general public.

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