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Initial Education & Training of Pharmacists

A working group of Pharmacy Declares members & experienced academic tutors have suggested how education on the climate crisis and sustainability should be integrated into the learning outcomes for the Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists. CLICK HERE to view. 

Check out the Education for Sustainable Healthcare: A Curriculum for the UK endorsed by the Medical School Council UK.

Please get in touch if you would like to be added to our distribution list for the Education & Training working group.

#NixtheNitrous Project

By Alifia Chakera

Evidence-Based Policy Report: Mitigating Piped Nitrous Oxide Waste [Coming Soon]

Nitrous Oxide Project - Association of Anaesthetists

Nitrous Oxide Mitigation: Launching the UK and ROI National Audit - WATCH HERE

Nitrous Oxide Mitigation: How to Guide - WATCH HERE


Greener Primary Care

Click here to watch Wendy Tyler-Batt, a primary care pharmacist working across multiple GP practices in Gloucestershire ICS, explain how pharmacy professionals can contribute to greener primary care. 

Check out SEE Sustainability: 

Join the Greener Practice network & sign up to their newsletters - HERE

Check out the Cheshire CCG 10-point Green Plan for General Practices.

Did you know our water supplies might contain low level of Carbamazepine & Clarithromycin? 
Sharon Pfleger & her colleagues have written a paper outlining this.

Watch co-founder of Healthcare Ocean Dr. Hixson explain the link between human healthcare and the ocean. 

New data tool launched to help researchers understand the effects human medicines have on Scotland’s environment. Further information can be found HERE.

How to recycle insulin pens?

Check out PenCycle on Novo Nordisk website: HERE

Participating pharmacies currently can be found on THIS page.

Medications review during heatwaves

Pending updates.

Contact Specialist Pharmacy Service to request info.

Low Carbon Inhalers

Display this flyer around your workplace or anywhere suitable for raising awareness.

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